The Company

Klimagel, brand of production of soft ice-cream machines, was born from the experience and the know-how developed by Klimaitalia, highly specialized company in the production and trade of commercial refrigerating equipment that has been on the Italian and international market for over ten years. If the initial market of reference was represented by the fields of food & beverage, furniture for bars, restaurants, accommodation facilities and equipment shops, today the core business has enlarged and also includes yogurt shops chains, producers of ice-cream powders as well as traditional ice-cream parlors interested in soft ice-cream.

The present line of machines consists of different models in the varieties single-flavour and double-flavour, for counter and standing that can be adapted to any requirement of customers from European and worldwide markets.

The machines are 100% MADE IN ITALY, they have a high production capability, use easiness and maintenance simplicity, other than a modern and innovative design.

The work of research and development is always active and, through a careful study of the market, it aims at being always abreast with times by trying to produce highly technological machines by respecting the exigencies of the most demanding customers. Presently, for example, the project of the company for the next years is that of launching on the market an innovative system to supply fresh ice-cream.